Befriending case study (Bath)

Bath couple Kirsten and Matt applied to volunteer with Time2Share in 2013 after seeing the opportunity on the B&NES council website. 

After successfully completing the application process and attending the training session they were soon matched with 17-year-old Christian who lives in Bath with his Mum and older brother. 

Christian has a condition called Fragile X Syndrome and ADHD, which can sometimes make it hard for him to socialise and make friends with people his own age, so he was really pleased when he heard that he would have two befrienders supporting him. Since then, the couple have had their own daughter and so now meet up with Christian as a family!

Christian loves going for bike rides, playing crazy golf and swimming but his favourite activities with his befriending family are going bowling, eating pizza together and playing games on the Wii, which they do every other week. Christian says ‘I love Time2Share and my befrienders – I have a lot of fun doing all the activities and it makes me feel very special.’

Being with the family and enjoying time together has also made a huge difference to Christian’s confidence, independence and level of happiness.  Christian’s Mum Isabella really appreciates having the support of volunteers.  ‘Time2Share is a fantastic service and having volunteer befrienders supporting Christian means that I can spend quality time on my own and with Christian’s brother’.