Meet the Team

Jacqui  is the CEO of Time2Share. She is responsible for managing the organisation and paving the way for all our exciting plans for the future.  She has has a diverse range of experience in the voluntary sector including with disability, youth and community development services. Jacqui enjoys the enthusiam and energy of young people which she will use to inspire her to find innovative ways to meet the challenges ahead. 

Nicki is responsible for coordinating, planning and arranging Time2Share’s groups and activities across Bristol and Bath. She has a extensive background of working closely with families with disability. Living between Bristol and Bath, she has knowledge of what this exciting city has to offer families, children and young people. Nicki is known amongst the team for her superb multitasking and is never without a smile, always spreading happiness around the office. 


Jo is the Befriending Coordinator for the Bath area and has worked with children and young people for over 15 years, most recently working for charity that delivers services to support disabled people. She is one of the newest members of the Time2Share team and is dedicated to supporting the disabled children, families and volunteers that she works with. Jo has a thoughtful, caring approach and brings a sense of calm to the office.

Ryan is our longest running Coordinator and does a brilliant job of managing our Befriending Service in North-East Somerset. He has been with us for nearly 3 years and has also been a dedicated Volunteer Befriender himself for much of that time. 
Ryan’s enthusiasm for furthering opportunities for young people has led to him setting up our new work experience programme which has been a real success. He also helps out on Day Trips. 
Rosa  is Time2Share’s groups organiser and administrator.  She is incredibly talented at turning a hand to pretty much any piece of work in the office within record speed. Amongst many things, she dedicates a lot of her work to supporting the development of our groups and activities programme. Her background is music and she applies both her musical and admin talents to a plethora of exciting projects in Bristol. She is also a ray of sunshine in the Time2Share office.